Artist Statement

a child, I could spend hours sitting in the gravel driveway next to our house, picking out beautiful rocks, small bugs and leaves, putting them in jars, and then onto the windowsill in my bedroom. I'd go exploring with my dog, and we always came back with a bag full of amazing finds.

Collecting unique and unusual objects has always been a passion of mine. At some point I wanted to wear those interesting pieces. And that was the beginning of my journey. As an adult, I realize that my collecting has taken me far from that gravel driveway, as the collecting has taken me all over the world.

Working on assembling some very disparate pieces - that's the challenge. And I have to admit - I love it!!!  I'll just sit down and work with the pieces that I collect, and work until it WORKS!

Being able to give Voice to the things that have found their way onto my work bench -  is what keeps me working. Best of all, working with metals, stones, bits of found objects, organics - it just makes me happy. 

I can work all day - be in my own world - and have the opportunity to make something beautiful. And when someone else finds it beautiful - and wants it for their own -  well, it doesn't get much better than that!